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Early Years

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Work Groups for Early Years Practitioners:


The London SW Maths hub will deliver nationally cooridinated projects being run by the maths hub network in 2018/2019 in the following areas:


Developing Mathematical Learning in Early Years


One of the key issues for the development of mathematics is the quality of training that practitioners have received prior to entering the profession.  The development of Early Years Subject Knowledge has been a key aspect of hub work and this continues to be a important area for development.

To support with this, the maths hub network will offer 2 types of Early Years Nationally Coordinated Project Work Groups to support practitioners at each stage of their professional development.


Support for entry level Early Years practitioners

Aimed at new to post practitioners or those with limited Early maths experience / training and will focus on key concepts in EY mathematical development.


Developing established Early Years practitioners

Aimed at those that have been working in Early Years for 3+ years and have identified aspects of mathematics practice that they wish to develop further.  These Work Groups will focus on the development of research informed practice and starting to develop wider practice.