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London South West Maths hub are offering two local Research and Innovation Work Groups in 2021/22 
Reducing Maths Anxiety and supporting SEND pupils through Maths Mastery
Following on from last year’s Research and Innovation Work Group on SEND, this year’s project will focus on the impact of Maths Anxiety on learning.
The project will look at different types of difficulties including dyscalculia and how this might impact on pupil confidence
It will explore how mastery approaches can develop pupil confidence as well as strategies specifically to address maths anxiety.
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TfM in the contexts of special school and alternative provision
This Research and Intervention Work Group focuses on two key questions:
How does Teaching for Mastery (TfM) translate into non-mainstream provision?
How can representation and structure be used to increase understanding of maths?
Participants will have the opportunity to work with colleagues within their school and in other schools in the Maths Hub to develop their understanding of the five big ideas in Maths and to apply this in their school.
Who can take part?
Participants should be teachers in special schools in primary, secondary, middle school and all-through schools who teach maths to pupils. Ideally there will be two teachers from the school so they can discuss and implement changes to their practice.
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