Work groups for Primary practitioners:

The London SW Maths hub will deliver nationally coordinated and innovation projects being run by the maths hub network in 2017/2018 in the following areas:

Primary Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement

A 3 day training programme aimed at KS2 teachers to develop maths subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding. The programme includes opportunities for delegates to collaboratively plan lessons incorporating materials from the training days.

Many KS2 teachers are aware that their own maths subject knowledge is a barrier to them delivering high-quality teaching and learning, particularly in light of the heightened expectations in the new NC. This work group will identify and address gaps in the participants’ subject knowledge. It will also focus on effective pedagogies for teaching maths at  KS2.  

Subject Knowledge Enhancement for Support Staff

This 2 x ½ day programme (afternoons) will involve support staff from different phases exploring elements of teaching for mastery and pedagogy related to teaching of key mathematical concepts (including place value and the four operations).

Participants will have the opportunity to develop understanding of the CPA approach through practical experience and will leave with a range of resources ready for use in the classroom. 

Developing effective questioning-Promoting effective differentiation in a Teaching for Mastery classroom

This CPD programme will explore and develop participants understanding of how effective questioning is a key principle in a Teaching for Mastery lesson – supporting the premise that all children can move forward together at broadly the same pace.

This programme will occur over 2 days (1 term apart) with a gap task between. There will be opportunity to observe and discuss a teaching for mastery lesson and share a selection of supportive resources.   

Researching and trialling models of intervention to support pupil progress

The aim of this project is to support teachers in developing intervention for Year 3 pupils for use in schools developing a teaching for mastery approach. Teachers will identify, develop and evaluate a model of intervention that is appropriate for their setting, based on a sound understanding of what constitutes effective intervention. Central to this project is developing specific areas of subject knowledge (initially multiplication and division); unpicking the foundations and underlying misconceptions.

Microscopic Progression and intelligent practice: Principles of Teaching for Mastery

This interactive one day course will introduce attendees to the concept of ‘variation’ in written calculations. It will aid in deepening the understanding of teaching towards a mastery curriculum in Maths through microscopic progression

Teaching for Mastery: Exploring Effective Lesson Design

This project will equip you to identify and understand the key features involved in designing lessons in a teaching for mastery context, see them in practice, and create materials to use in your class/school.

Teaching for Mastery: Showing evidence of pupil progress, including ‘greater depth’

Teachers from a number of schools will work together to understand what ‘working at expected standard’ and ‘working at greater depth’ might look like and how this could be evidenced.  This work will take place over three separate days, with gap tasks in between, focused on collecting evidence and exemplar material in their own school.