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Work Groups for Primary:


The London SW Maths hub will deliver nationally coordinated projects being run by the maths hub network in 2019/20 in the following areas:


Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programmes (Primary Teacher)

To develop the use of Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics programmes for teachers of Primary to enable them to understand, teach and support pupils in mathematics in the classroom.


Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programmes (Primary Teaching Assistansts)

To develop the use of Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics programmes for Primary TA's to enable them to understand, teach and support pupils in mathematics in the classroom.


Teaching for Mastery: Intervention in a Mastery context 

The project will support participants in considering different models of intervention in a mastery context to ensure that mathematics teaching has maximum impact for all children. Participant teachers and leaders will further their understanding of teaching for mastery by using case studies to inform their practice. Schools will trial a model of their choice and will document their observations to share with others.

Teaching for Mastery: Designing Lessons: depth of learning for all

The project will focus on designing effective lesson plans, making use of key resources such as the Primary Mastery Professional Development materials and text books. There has been a large investment in both resources and making effective use of them will support schools in embedding teaching for mastery in mathematics. For schools that have taken up the text book funding, this Work Group will provide them with the opportunity to reflect on how these materials can be best used to support teachers, through the planning process, to develop subject and pedagogical knowledge.


Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups 2019/20

This is part of the continuing programme to develop the teaching for mastery in mathematics in primary schools.  The London SW Maths Hub has a group of primary TfM specialists who have taken part in the national training. Each of these specialists leads a group of schools in developing their approach to Teaching for Mastery.


Primary Teaching for Mastery Embedding Work Groups 

This is for schools who were part of a work group supported by a primary mastery specialist in the academic year 2018/19. Each work group will be able to access some funding for ensuring that momentum gained this year is continued and that schools are building effective structures to ensure that TfM is embedded in the school. In order to access the funding, each work group will need to show how they have developed a plan that will enable school leadership to evaluate their approach to TfM and to embed TfM across the whole school.


London SW Maths Hub Innovation Work Group


Teaching for Mastery in Year 6

This Work Group has been specifically designed for teachers to develop their confidence and strategies to teach for mastery whilst still preparing children for the end of KS2 SATs.

Participants will develop an understanding of how current KS2 SATs questions are in line with teaching for mastery and that the two can go hand in hand. Working together, participants will refine their practice and take practical strategies to support their teaching in their school.