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Work Groups for Primary:


The London SW Maths hub will deliver nationally coordinated projects being run by the maths hub network in 2018/2019 in the following areas:


Primary Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement

The Primary SKE Work Group develops primary teachers’ mathematical subject knowledge so they can understand, teach and support pupils effectively. A key focus is not only improving the participants ability to ‘do’ mathematics but also to ensure they have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well.

Work Groups will explore maths in depth, making connections between topics and concepts. Participants will also work collaboratively, led by a local leader of maths education (LLME) to develop deep and secure subject knowledge and appropriate pedagogy.

Target  audience: All primary teachers. It is most suitable for those with 2+ years’ experience.


Subject Knowledge Enhancement for Support Staff

The Teaching Assistant SKE project is designed to develop teaching assistants’ subject knowledge in maths so they can support children’s learning in the classroom and in small intervention groups.

Work Groups will explore maths in depth, making connections between topics and concepts. Participants will also work collaboratively, led by a local leader of maths education (LLME) to develop deep and secure subject knowledge and appropriate pedagogy so they are well-equipped to support pupils

Target audience: Teaching assistants in primary who support children with their learning of mathematics.   


Teaching for Mastery: Intervention in a Mastery context 

The project will consider different models of intervention in a mastery context to ensure that mathematics teaching has maximum impact for all children. Participant teachers and leaders will further their understanding of teaching for mastery by using case studies and research to inform their practice. Schools will trial a model of their choice and will document their observations to share with others.

Target audience: Teachers who lead maths and/or lead intervention in their schools.  Schools should have begun to commit to teaching for mastery development, ideally having been part of a teaching for mastery Work Group previously.  The school should have at least 2 classes or year groups where teaching for mastery is embedded.  


Teaching for Mastery: Lesson Design including the use of PD Materials and Text Books

Refining understanding of good lesson design, and being able to use resources well, is a crucial element in developing teaching for mastery.  Teachers in this Work Group will work together to plan exemplar lessons (drawing on new Mastery Professional Development materials produced by NCETM/Maths Hubs and other sources of mastery resources for the classroom including textbooks) and in so doing will improve lesson design across their school.

Target audience: Two teachers from schools that have made a significant commitment to teaching for mastery in their curriculum planning.  One of these should be in a middle or senior leadership role (ideally the Maths Lead) with experience and expertise in teaching for mastery.  It will also be suitable for schools that have taken up textbook match funding and are looking for support with good use of the new resources.    

Teaching for Mastery: Planning for Greater Depth

Teachers from a number of schools will work together to develop their understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions that provide opportunities for all children to work at greater depth than the expected standard, as and when they are ready for it, within a teaching for mastery context.   Collaboratively, they will use existing tasks/questions and design their own, to ensure that pupils are not accelerated through the programmes of study but have a deep and sustainable knowledge of mathematics for their age.

Target audience: Schools that have previously engaged in Maths Hub teaching for mastery Work Groups or other activities and are beginning to make commitments to sustain this approach in their schools.

Developing working partnership for SEND and mathematics

This programme involves mainstream and special schools working together to improve SEND provision in maths. Each Work Group will be formed from at least one special school working with a small group of mainstream schools, either primary, secondary or both, and will focus on a content area or theme – for example financial education, or deeper questioning – that is relevant to all students. Participants will explore ways to encourage reasoning and the use of manipulatives, providing a different approach to working with SEND students across mainstream and special schools. The pedagogy introduced, and any resources trialled, would support the principles of teaching for mastery.

Target audience: All teachers of mathematics at primary, secondary and special schools. Ideally, teachers should have good subject knowledge and at least two years’ experience in the classroom. This Work Group would also be suitable for a SENCo in mainstream schools with a strong background in mathematics.


Mastery Readiness

This project will develop vital skills and practices for schools who have not yet accessed the Teaching for Mastery programme, based upon work carried out by Primary Mastery Specialists across hubs in the UK. Participant schools will access free 5 workshops and regular high quality bespoke support of a trained Mastery Readiness Lead and will then get priority to be part of the full Teaching for Mastery Work Groups in Autumn 2019 complete with the associated funding for the full TfM Work Group.

The programme will focus on two key areas:

  • The development of effective leadership that will remove barriers and put in place structures to support change and teacher professional development in relation to teaching for mastery.
  • Development of classroom culture and attitudes to mathematics that will support a teaching for mastery approach, both on the part of teachers and their pupils.


Seven schools will work with Mastery Readiness Leads for 2.5 terms in a Work Group over the academic year. The maths lead and another teacher from the schools will receive training and networking events with the Headteacher expected to attend some relevant ones too. This will be on average of 5 workshops during the programme. In addition, the Mastery Readiness Leads will spend 5 half days (1 per half term) in the school developing, implementing and evaluating an action plan alongside school staff which will focus on areas related to the 5 Big Ideas of Mastery Readiness.


Sustaining 2017/2018 Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

This is for schools who were part of a work group supported by a primary mastery specialist in the academic year 2017-2018. Each work group will be able to access some funding for ensuring that momentum gained this year is continued and that schools are building effective structures to ensure that TfM is embedded in the school. In order to access the funding, each work group will need to show how they have developed a plan that will enable school leadership to evaluate their approach to TfM and to embed TfM across the whole school.


Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups 2018/2019

This is part of the continuing programme to develop the teaching for mastery in mathematics in primary schools.  The London SW Maths Hub has a group of primary TfM specialists who have taken part in the national training. Each of these specialists leads a group of schools in developing their approach to Teaching for Mastery.