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Teaching for Mastery

Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups 2020-21

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The NCETM and Maths Hubs are offering funded opportunities for primary schools to join the Teaching for Mastery programme next year.


London SW Maths Hub are recruiting primary schools in the local area to join Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups in 2020-21.  

What does the opportunity involve?

Two teachers from each participating school join a Work Group, consisting of six or seven local primary schools. Each Work Group is led by a trained primary Mastery Specialist.

Work Groups (sometimes known as Teacher Research Groups, or TRGs) meet regularly to plan, observe and discuss teaching for mastery. In between meetings, teachers explore mastery approaches in their own classrooms and across their school. Work Groups run for a year initially, with many continuing beyond the first year as mastery is embedded in participants’ schools.

Support is provided from a local classroom-based Mastery Specialist who leads the group. This model of professional development involves hands-on learning and peer-to-peer support. It is evidence-based and designed to support substantial long-term change.

Primary information and application form

If you are interested in this opportunity and your school is located in our designated region, please submit application forms to


Primary Embedding Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

The strategic goal of the Teaching for Mastery Programme for primary schools is to establish teaching for mastery approaches so that all pupils develop deep knowledge, understanding and confidence. Those who have worked on establishing teaching for mastery in a Development Work Group become part of an Embedding Work Group in their second year, focusing on:

  • Systems and culture to support teaching for mastery
  • Support for school leadership and subject leadership
  • Subject knowledge
  • Lesson design
  • Professional development models within individual schools.

This year there will be a focus on curriculum recovery, providing mutual support and expertise to focus on what really matters.

Sustaining Teaching for Mastery WorkGroups

This is for all primary schools who have previously been involved in teaching for mastery via a Development or Embedding Work Group, or who are Mastery Specialist schools. It brings together schools across the Maths Hubs Network that are working on continued development to sustain their teaching for mastery approach to mathematics.

It is new in 2020/21 and builds on the work carried out in previous teaching for mastery Work Groups This year it will particularly focus on curriculum recovery. It will support schools in helping pupils make up for lost time through focusing on what really matters and providing a network of mutual support and expert guidance.

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NCETM Mastery PD Materials for primary


Check out the abundance of Mastery PD materials on the NCETM website for Primary

  • Number, addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions

All of the teacher guides and representations are available to download from the NCETM site here  

Working with the materials

Eight new short videos feature teachers describing how they are using the Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials can be found on the NCETM website here.

London South West Maths Hub Primary Teaching for Mastery Lead Kate Mole uses the materials in developing the teachers she works with.

Progress report on Teaching for Mastery in primary schools


During 2018/19, the NCETM commissioned a research team to report on the progress of the Teaching for Mastery Programme in English primary schools. This 16-page document reflects the widespread positive impact of the programme, but also identifies areas where challenges still exist.

The full report can be found on the NCETM website Primary Teaching for Mastery Report July 2019