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Work Groups for Post 16:


The London SW Maths hub will deliver a nationally coordinated project being run by the maths hub network in 2019/2020 in the following area:

Developing Pedagogy in  A Level Maths


National support for the development of the quality of teaching in A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics in school and college departments.

Direct working partnership between the Maths Hubs network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

  • know the content and requirements of the new A level Mathematics, understand the purpose of the overarching themes
  • be confident in teaching new aspects of content (particularly mechanics and statistics) for the first time
  • believe in the benefits of teaching statistics through the use of large data sets and promoting the overarching themes throughout their teaching
  • plan sequences of lessons which meet the requirements of the new A level
  • support colleagues in own schools/colleges in embedding themes from the course in planning for the new A level