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Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups 2020-21

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The NCETM and Maths Hubs are offering funded opportunities for secondary schools to join the Teaching for Mastery programme next year.


Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce and embed teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (Mastery Advocates) to join a Work Group. You will be part of a locally-based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise, as well as receiving bespoke support.


In a Teaching for Mastery Work Group you will:

  • collaborate with colleagues from other local schools to share best practice
  • get individual school support and guidance from a local leader of maths education (LLME)
  • take away ideas to help your students become more confident mathematicians, ready to tackle GCSEs and A levels
  • introduce and embed teaching for mastery in your classroom and department

Secondary information and application form


More infrmation can be found on the NCETM website


If you are interested in this opportunity and your school is located in our designated region, please submit application forms to

Secondary Embedding and Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Work Groups


Secondary Teaching for Mastery Embedding and Sustaining Work Groups are only for those departments who are participating or have participated in the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups and are working to develop principles and practices which enable them to sustain their developments over the long term.


Additionally, the expectation is that departments of Cohort 1, 2 and 3 Mastery Specialists will also participate in this Work Group. The focus will be on working on their planned developments as well as sharing and critiquing them with a group of schools in a professional learning community.

NCETM Mastery PD Materials for Secondary


A comprehensive resource provides teachers with a detailed description of the key themes and big ideas associated with teaching for mastery. 


Article ImageThese materials offer a more ‘fine-grained’ description of the key themes and big ideas of the curriculum by detailing:

  • six broad mathematical themes
  • a number of core concepts within each theme
  • a set of ‘knowledge, skills and understanding’ statements within each core concept
  • a collection of focused key ideas within each statement of knowledge, skills and understanding.


You can find support materials, in the form of guidance documents and explainer videos, for some of the most useful manipulatives and representations for Key Stage 3 mathematics.


For further guidance on the materials and how you might use them, please read this comprehensive introduction

Check out all the information here

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