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Teaching for Mastery

NCETM Mastery PD Materials for Secondary


A comprehensive resource provides teachers with a detailed description of the key themes and big ideas associated with teaching for mastery. 
These materials offer a more ‘fine-grained’ description of the key themes and big ideas of the curriculum by detailing:
  • six broad mathematical themes
  • a number of core concepts within each theme
  • a set of ‘knowledge, skills and understanding’ statements within each core concept
  • a collection of focused key ideas within each statement of knowledge, skills and understanding.
You can find support materials, in the form of guidance documents and explainer videos, for some of the most useful manipulatives and representations for Key Stage 3 mathematics.
For further guidance on the materials and how you might use them, visit the NCETM website here

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A set of Mathematical Prompts for Deeper Thinking videos are available to support with the Secondary PD Materials. 
Insights from experienced teachers
Take a look at a set of videos where experienced teachers explore small sections of the mastery videos in depth.