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NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme

NCETM Professional Development Lead Accreditation is designed for those who lead professional development for teachers of maths.


Who can take part?

This programme is for teachers of maths (all phases from Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Post-16) who have existing commitments and responsibility for designing, leading and evaluating maths teacher professional development, and the potential to develop further.

What is involved?

  • three one-day workshops
  • completion of an Accreditation Evidence Document (AED, which facilitates critical reflection on your learning and the PD you design, deliver and evaluate over the year)
  • designing, leading, reviewing and refining a programme of support for maths teacher professional development, drawing upon a range of evidence-informed models and activity
Schools, colleges and other organisations releasing members of staff to participate in this programme will be expected to support members of staff through the programme by enabling them to complete the expectations for accreditation. Senior leaders of any participating organisation will be asked to sign a commitment before the member of staff begins the programme.

What will you learn?

Participants will:
  • Develop knowledge of models of CPD for maths teachers
  • Consider the themes and issues in teaching maths, and the implications of these in supporting other teachers
  • Design a professional development programme, deliver it, and evaluate it
  • Develop relationships with senior leaders to support a sustainable culture of maths CPD
  • Increase their own subject knowledge and professional practice

What is the cost?

The PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participants and their schools. Funding covers provision of the three face-to-face days. Travel costs will also be funded.

What should you do next?

Contact: and see if you may be eligible for this opportunity.


NCETM School Development Lead programme

This project aims to support mathematics leads whose role is to lead change in a school or group of schools other than their own.

Who can take part?
The programme is for teachers leading change in a school or group of schools other than their own, and will benefit those who have previous experience of developing leadership capacity in schools/groups of schools or who are new to the role.
What is involved?
It will provide a regional support programme through a series of three days of workshops (face-to-face and online), practice development activities, and an online community. The face-to-face workshops will run regionally across England.
Participants undertake to plan, lead and evaluate a school development initiative for a school or group of schools and to record their planning, evaluation and reflection in an Accreditation Evidence Document.
Successful completion of the programme and satisfactory completion of all tasks and related paperwork will result in the participant being accredited as an NCETM Accredited School Development Lead
What will you learn?
Participants will:
  • support schools, groups of schools or MATs to establish sustainable cross-school approaches to collaboration and development for maths teaching
  • start to use collaborative Work Group models as one of their school development strategies
  • incorporate new processes and models into their school development practice
  • evaluate and review the effectiveness of specific maths school development models
  • develop skills in driving improvement in maths, including developing the capacity of school leadership of maths
  • know and understand of the challenges and barriers to school development in maths and how to tackle them
  • know and understand effective approaches to teaching maths, including teaching for mastery
What should you do next?
Contact: and see if you may be eligible for this opportunity.