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NCETM Accredited PD Lead Early Years 2024/2025
This programme is for expert teachers of maths who have existing commitments and responsibility for designing, leading and evaluating maths teacher professional development, and who will lead maths professional development beyond their own institution.
Contact us at by 15 May 2024 if you are interested in applying. 

New Early Years podcast episode on doubles
Two NCETM Early Years specialists take a look at doubles, one of the most useful and powerful foundational maths concepts. Take a listen here


How Early Primary Maths Influences School-Wide Teaching
Check out the NCETM Maths Podcast here
Two teachers at a school following a programme that concentrates on building firm foundations of early maths understanding explain how it has led to positive changes in the way maths is taught right up the school. 

NCETM resources

Materials to support Early Years and Year 1 teachers can be accessed on the NCETM website here


Numberblocks support materials

Article ImageNumberblocks, first broadcast in January 2017, is a pre-school BBC television series aimed at introducing children to early number.
The NCETM materials use each episode as a launch pad. They are designed to assist Early Years (and also Year 1) practitioners to confidently move on from an episode, helping children to bring the numbers and ideas to life in the world around them.
The materials are designed to be used in conjunction with the Numberblocks episodes.


Number Blocks at Home
Numberblocks at home: support for parents