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Coronavirus update (COVID - 19)  School Closures

London South West Maths Hub Activity


July 2020


London SW Maths Hub Activity for Summer Term 2019-2020

In light of advice issued by the government all London SW Maths Hub face-to-face activity has ceased until further notice. This includes Work Group sessions, meetings, TRGs and school visits.

However, we explored with Work Group Leads how we might facilitate and provide the currently postponed and diarised summer term’s professional development events using alternative means.  We have undertaken most planned CPD using online platforms and continue to work together to offer solutions to complete our Work Groups for 2019-20.

If you have any questions, please contact us for guidance:

Lesley Dibbens – London SW Maths Hub Administrator

Nicki Ashton – London SW Maths Hub Lead


Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement with the London SW Maths Hub.