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Coronavirus update (COVID - 19)  School Closures

London South West Maths Hub Activity


April 2020


London SW Maths Hub Activity for Summer Term 2019-2020

In light of advice issued by the government to reduce face-to-face activity, and subsequently regarding school closures, all London SW Maths Hub face-to-face activity has now ceased until further notice. This includes Work Group sessions, meetings, TRGs and school visits and there is a possibility that this will be for the remainder of this academic year.

However, should that be the case, we are currently exploring with Work Group Leads how we might facilitate and provide the currently postponed and diarised summer term’s professional development events using alternative means.

Updates will also be posted on our website here when we have more information.  

If you have any questions, please contact us for guidance:

Lesley Dibbens – London SW Maths Hub Administrator

Nicki Ashton – London SW Maths Hub Lead


You can find the latest guidance relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) here




17th March 2020


As the national COVID-19 virus outbreak continues, we want to provide an update on the current position of the London SW Maths Hub.

During these fast moving times, it is important for teachers and leaders to stay healthy and focus on supporting contingency plans for their schools, local communities and family. 

In light of the government guidance announced regarding minimising gatherings and non-essential travel, we think it sensible to postpone all planned Work Group sessions, school visits and events for the remainder of this spring term.

We will issue regular updates to confirm plans either for postponing or rearranging in the case of cancellation, any Work Group sessions or events,.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and will continue to review this in light of updated guidance provided by the government.   

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement with the London SW Maths Hub.


Please direct any related enquiries to