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Mathematical Thinking for GCSE

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Mathematical Thinking for GCSE Effectiveness


This work group offers teachers and their departments nationally coordinated support to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE.


Participants will:

  • Increase their experience and understanding of the role of reasoning and problem solving in the new curriculum and the teaching and learning needed to support pupils develop these skills.
  • Increase their understanding of how these skills are tested in the new GCSE and what particular teaching and learning approaches can support current KS4 pupils.
  • Broaden their repertoire of approaches and resources that develop pupils’ mathematical reasoning and problems solving.
  • Improve their confidence in planning and delivering lessons reflecting teaching and learning approaches that support greater reasoning and problems solving in all lessons.



All secondary schools wishing to begin or continue a programme of professional development to address the teaching & learning implications of the new curriculum and GCSE. Ideally, two members of department, at least one of which is experienced and has some leadership responsibility. Participants must attend all 4 sessions.


Day 1: Tuesday 4th December 2018  (12.00 – 15:00)


Day 2: Tuesday 22nd January 2019  (12:30 – 14:30)


Day 3: Tuesday 19th March 2019  (12.30 – 14.30)


Day 4: Tuesday 18th June 2019  (12.00 – 15.00)


Gap tasks between the workshops will include lesson study, allowing wider department participation in the professional development.


Location:   Raynes Park High School, Bushey Road, London, SW20 0JL


Work Group Lead:   Claire Henderson


Cost:   FREE


Contact London SW Maths Hub Administrator Lesley Dibbens to express an intererest in participating in this Work Group.


Download the flyer here