London South West Maths Hub


Primary Teaching for Mastery Training for Headteachers (C3 MST Work Groups)


Teaching for Mastery Training for Headteachers 


This event is specifically for London SW Maths Hub 2018-2019 Teaching for Mastery Work Group Schools working with Cohort 3 Mastery Specialists.


Where: Chesterton Primary School, Dagnell Street, Battersea, London, SW11 5DT


When:  Thursday 13th September 2018, (9.30am - 12.30pm)


Who:    Headteachers only 


Cost:    FREE


Within this session, we will include essential information about the Teaching for Mastery Work Group programme. 

As a Hub, we have seen that where Headteachers have a good understanding of Teaching for Mastery, implementation of the approach is more successful and outcomes for pupils are maximised. Therefore, to support Headteachers in their role at a new Teaching for Mastery Work Group school, we have arranged this compulsory training session. 

The morning will consist of the sharing of knowledge, a question and answers session on implementing Teaching for Mastery from a Headteacher, a lesson observation and professional discussion of pedagogy.