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Challenging Topics at GCSE


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This work group is all about unpicking topics at GCSE, and tracking back through to KS3 to tackle misconceptions and difficulties, whilst also considering the implications for longer term curriculum design.
For example, in the June 2019 Higher Edexcel paper, the average score was 54%, but the average for the topic of algebra was only 45%  (although it accounted for 28.3% of the marks), and some algebraic topics had an average score of just 21%. Teaching these topics effectively is key to improving results at both GCSE and A-level.
When and where
All workshops will be online provisionally.
1. Tuesday 09 February 2021 (13.30 - 16.00)
2. Tuesday 02 March 2021 (13.30 - 16.00)
3. Monday 29 March 2021 (15.00 - 17.00)
4. Tuesday 11 May 2021 (14.30 - 16.30)


Between workshops participants will be expected to undertake school-based tasks with collaboration from their department.