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Mastery Readiness


This project will develop vital skills and practices for schools who have not yet accessed the Teaching for Mastery programme, based upon work carried out by Primary Mastery Specialists across hubs in the UK. Participant schools will access free 5 workshops and regular high quality bespoke support of a trained Mastery Readiness Lead and will then get priority to be part of the full Teaching for Mastery Work Groups in Autumn 2019 complete with the associated funding for the full TfM Work Group.


The programme will focus on two key areas:

  • The development of effective leadership that will remove barriers and put in place structures to support change and teacher professional development in relation to teaching for mastery.
  • Development of classroom culture and attitudes to mathematics that will support a teaching for mastery approach, both on the part of teachers and their pupils.


Seven schools will work with Mastery Readiness Leads for 2.5 terms in a Work Group over the academic year. The maths lead and another teacher from the schools will receive training and networking events with the Headteacher expected to attend some relevant ones too. This will be on average of 5 workshops during the programme. In addition, the Mastery Readiness Leads will spend 5 half days (1 per half term) in the school developing, implementing and evaluating an action plan alongside school staff which will focus on areas related to the 5 Big Ideas of Mastery Readiness.


Work Group Lead: Michelle Hayfron