Teaching for Mastery morning


Teaching for Mastery morning – effective implementation and leading whole school change - Thursday 2nd November 2017

The London SW Maths Hub is offering a fantastic opportunity in the new academic year for senior leads to participate in a morning of focused learning, discussion and observation centred around strategically embedding, leading and supporting a Teaching for Mastery approach to Maths teaching & learning.

Over the past 3 years the Maths Hubs national programme has championed the change in maths education at all levels towards a Teaching for Mastery approach. In our region, the London South West Maths Hub has developed this through various CPD and lesson observation opportunities, mainly focused towards supporting teacher pedagogy and subject knowledge. At this stage we recognise that many institutions are at different stages in their journey to Teaching for Mastery and with respect to this change many senior leaders have a number of questions, including – “Why change when we have been successful historically?”  “What are the cost implications?” “What does mastery entail?”

This single morning session will aim to answer many of these questions by:

  • Exploring and defining some of the key principles of Teaching for Mastery
  • Hearing from 2 Headteachers who have implemented a whole school change towards Teaching for Mastery
  • Giving delegates an opportunity to observe a Teaching for Mastery style lesson
  • A Q&A session led by maths hub lead and Headteachers centred around making judgements and curriculum planning.

Date:              Thursday 2nd November 2017

Time:               9:30 – 12:30

Venue:            Chesterton Primary School, Dagnall Street, London, SW11 5DT

Audience:      Heads, senior leaders & link inspectors.

Cost:                Free

If you wish to reserve a place please contact our hub administrator Lesley Dibbens If you have any queries regarding the content of the morning please contact hub lead James Berry