Teaching for Mastery: Showing evidence of pupil progress, including ‘greater depth’

Showing evidence of pupil progress, including ‘greater depth’

Run across the academic year, participants will have an opportunity to work collaboratively to understand, co-create materials and then develop practice back in school.

Audience: This project is aimed at schools that are implementing a Teaching for Mastery approach to their mathematics lessons. Each school should enrol two class based teachers who are passionate about mathematics teaching. Both teachers must attend all sessions.

Day 1: Friday 12th January 2018 (9.30am - 3pm)

Day 2: Tuesday 20th March 2018 (9.30am - 3pm)

Day 3: Wednesday 13th June (9.30am - 3pm)

In between the sessions, participants are expected to develop their own practice around providing high quality assessment opportunities, especially those for children to work at greater depth. They will be focused on collecting evidence and exemplar material in their own school and will keep a reflective journal. The project lead will visit some of the project schools to support and evaluate practice.

Cost: FREE

Venue: Chesterton Primary School, Dagnall Street. SW11 5DT